Summary of the training and management course on:

Chronic heart failure in 2005

Directorate of the Course: Prof. Sergio Dalla Volta
Course coordination: Prof. Giuseppe Riggio
Educational coordination: Prof. Claudio Rappezzi Dr. Rosario Russo
in collaboration with: Dr. Dinko Anzulovic
Administrative coordination: Dr. Romano Malavasi
Interactive teaching methodology: Patient oriented medicine
Drafting Committee
Elaborating and drafting of the Acts by Dr Elisa Mazzotti* Dr Silvia Romano Institute of Cardiology – University of Padua
Scientific coordination: Dr Giuseppe Riggio Prof. Eros Barantani
Sponsors: A.N.M.C.O., S.I.C., A.S.L. 14 del VCO, VCO Medical Association
Chronic heart failure in 2005