Appointment with the Clinic

4th training course and interactive perfectioning course”
Academic year 2014-2015

Objectives: Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Terapy

Clinic – Communication – Management


President: Prof. Sergio Dalla Volta (Padua)

General coordination: Prof. Claudio Rapezzi (Bologna)

Scientific and educational coordination:
Prof. Sergio Dalla Volta (Padua), Prof. Ottavio Alfieri (Milan), Dr Marco Bobbio (Cuneo), Prof. Luciano Daliento (Padua), Prof. Claudio Rapezzi (Bologna), Dr Rosario Russo (Padova), Prof. Gianfranco Sinagra (Trieste), Prof. Eros Barantani (Verbania), Prof. Giuseppe Riggio (Verbania)

Dear Colleagues,
the consent of the 2012/2013 Perfectioning Course, carried out as interactive, autonomous seminars in different locations, led the Tonolli Foundation and the Scientific Committee to repropose it again for the 2014/2015 academic year, giving space to the new scientific adventure ‘pharmacogenomics and personalised therapy’, which places the individual patient first and the medical – patient relationship according to ippocratic clinical medicine. The ‘clinical method’ in the hypertechnological era could be regarded as losing if evidence-based medicine and the guidelines had often not revealed their limits regardig the individuality of the disease in the individual patient story today.

Objectives: Farmocogenomica and Personalised Therapy

President: Prof. Sergio Dalla Volta (Padua)
General coordination: Prof. Claudio Rapezzi (Bologna)

Course 2014/2015, like the previous ones, also places the individual ill person first with the aim of developing a ‘modern’ clinical medicine in which diagnosis and treatment for biomarkers must be relocated within a logical reasoning and abductive necessity.

Preliminary Seminar Programmes:

Enrolment – Study contribution

Registration at the Bologna, Padua, Trieste, Milan, Cuneo and Sciacca Seminars are free of charge; ECM credits for cardiologists and internalists will be required for all Seminars. The programme and the registration procedures may be amended and can be found on the website www.fondazionetonolli.it Contact: Organisational Secretariat – Victory Project Congressi