Highly interactive residential seminar

Between new knowledge, guidelines, individual reasoning and clinical method

Verbania Intra (VB)

Hotel Chiostrum Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd June 2018

The 2018’ edition of Perfectioning Course will address the new aspects of Cardiology’s diagnosis and treatment, focusing on heart failure, severe degenerative aortic stenosis, heart disease and discompensation, ischaemic heart disease. The Course will be divided into 4 modules. The initiative also includes the conference of Prof. Claudio Rapezzi (University of Bologna) on “The representation of the medical world and hospital in television fictions: critical discussion points” to be held on Friday 22nd June at 7.00 p.m. at the Prefecture of VCO (Villa Taranto) in Verbania. Scientific and educational coordination: Prof. Claudio Rapezzi – University of Bologna Prof. Gianfranco Sinagra – University of Trieste Prof. Ottavio Alfieri – University of Milan S.R. The Tonolli Foundation collaborates with Prof. Giuseppe Riggio, Prof. Eros Barantani and Dr Leonardo Rotolo.

Pre-ordered interventions:
Dr Alessandro Lupi, Primario of Cardiology of the Verbania Hospital
Dr Fabio Di Stefano, Primario of Medicina Interna and Geriatria of the Verbania Hospital

Organisational secretariat: Victory Project
With the collaboration of the Tonolli Foundation (Dr Gloria Nucera and Ismailia Bertone)

The new diagnostic and therapeutic challenges of cardiology